Why be good when you can be glorious?

Marketing is under scrutiny like never before.

Businesses are taking longer to make decisions and it’s becoming increasingly harder to reach and engage the individuals within them using traditional methods. The rules have changed, but has your agency?

The year is 2023 and yet the same problems in B2B marketing remain:

  1. Marketing and sales operate in departmental silos
  2. Communications are typically devoid of contextual awareness
  3. Data sits in warehouses not experiences
  4. Buying journeys are fragmented and broken
  5. MarTech stacks are underutilised and disconnected
  6. Old ways hamper innovation
  7. Marketing investment is being made in the wrong accounts
The time to change is now, because being good is no longer enough to thrive. The landscape has evolved, customer expectations are higher, and businesses need to stand out to make a lasting impression. It feels like good is no longer good enough.

We see these challenges all too often and as a result, have evolved our agency model to focus on three key areas:

  1. Brand Experience: We help the B2B brands we work with to be distinctive and memorable in their category by building standout brand ecosystems, that build salience and demand in the short and longer-term
  2. Connected Communications: We connect creativity, content, technology, and data to build marketing programmes that drive results across the entire buying journey.
  3. Marketing Operations: We advise marketing leaders on how to organise their people and platforms optimally to unlock the power of their technology and data to deliver more effective, more efficient marketing at scale.

Combined, these three areas make up what we call a Connected Marketing Experience, and this is the key to solving almost any challenge that comes our way.

From connecting sales and marketing teams around a shared strategy and goal using process, technology, data, and content, to using data and technology to identify and target the businesses ready to buy, a Connected Marketing Experience does it all and then some.

We believe this approach makes the difference between good and great, or as we like to call it, glorious marketing. It’s why it has become not only our tagline, but a philosophy that sits at the heart of the agency. Speak to any Gilroy employee and ask them what their ambition is for the work they do, and you’ll rarely get any other answer than ‘to Be Glorious’.

About Gilroy:

With a heritage spanning 40 years, Gilroy is a leading enterprise B2B integrated agency and the pioneer of Account-Based Everything. Through connected marketing experiences, we support many of the world’s leading B2B brands in nurturing customer advocacy, growing account expansion and supercharging sales performance.

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