Building The Perfect Martech Stack

Gilroy know the specific marketing technology tools that you need will vary depending on your business goals, your team size and resources available. The following four areas are key considerations when building the perfect Martech stack:

  1. The target audience: The Martech tools that you choose should be designed for your target audience and personalised to their requirements and the platforms and channels they use. For example, if you're targeting a large enterprise, you'll need different tools than if you're targeting a smaller firm.
  2. The buyer's journey: A Martech stack should support the buyer's journey, from awareness to purchase and beyond. This means having tools that help you generate leads, nurture them, and close deals, collecting key data points along the way to ensure measurability.
  3. The data: Your Martech stack should collect and store data so that you can track your results and make informed decisions. This needs to be hosted in a compliant environment and meet the requirements of your wider data strategy and CRM.
  4. The budget: Martech tools can range in price. It's important to set a budget before licensing a new tool or platform so that you don't overspend and generate a good return on marketing investment.

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