Winning bids and major deals in pursuit of large opportunities.

In pursuit of large opportunities and deals

Gilroy has a structured Deal-Based Marketing (DBM) framework to ensure you consistently win more competitive bids and major deals.

Deal-Based Marketing (DBM) is a holistic approach for securing significant deals, focusing on opportunity growth and closure with the added rigour required for formal tenders.

Winning complex, high value enterprise deals is not easy to accomplish. However, with a well-structured Deal-Based Marketing approach embedded in your business, you are much more likely to win and win big.

A clear value proposition, fine-tuned for different audiences together with an effective communication and stakeholder engagement plan, helps shape opportunities while building empathy and trust and streamlines negotiations for larger deals.

Build relationships with key decision-makers.
Building strong, enduring relationships enables you to engage with business leaders and decision makers earlier in their thought process, shaping their business imperatives and positioning you as a strategic partner, trusted advisor and obvious choice.

Demonstrate your credentials.
The customer wants to be confident that you have the knowledge and experience to deliver on your promises. Be prepared to answer their questions and demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Our objective is to help you create, grow and close bigger deals faster with more consistency by helping you change the conversation, being different to your competition and bring more value.

Deal-Based Marketing

Unlocking account growth by winning specific deals and RFPs. We work with you to enhance your Deal Based Marketing approach. DBM is a strategic marketing approach to securing large B2B enterprise deals. It focuses on growing and closing significant, strategic opportunities and lays the foundations for the on-going customer experience from adoption to advocacy providing business visibility of renewal and growth. It is a more targeted and personalised approach than traditional marketing, and it relies on close collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

DBM works with sales to identify potential deals that they are interested in pursuing. We then work with marketing to develop a customised marketing programme that is specifically tailored to each deal.

  • Deep market, customer and people insight
  • Authentic and differentiated value proposition articulating your solution and benefits
  • Strategic position and opinion aimed at shaping business imperatives
  • Targeted content that is relevant to the specific needs of the target audience
  • Personalised outreach to key decision-makers – carefully planned, coordinated connected conversations
  • Platform for engagement including events and webinars that provide opportunities for engagement

The objective of DBM is to increase the chances of winning targeted deals. By focusing on a smaller number of deals and creating a more personalised marketing experiences, DBM is an effective way to achieve this.

Increased chances of winning deals: By focusing on a smaller number of deals, DBM allows you to allocate more resources and focus more attention on each deal. This can lead to higher win rates and deal conversions overall.

Improved alignment between sales and marketing: DBM requires close collaboration between sales and marketing teams. This can help to ensure that all teams are working towards the same objective and that marketing activities are aligned with sales targets.

Increased ROI: DBM can be a more effective way to use marketing resources than traditional marketing. By targeting a smaller number of deals and creating a more personalised experiences and ensure a higher return on investment.

In addition, DBM achieves:

Increased brand awareness, interaction and engagement from decision makers and influencers

New relationships and deepened existing ones, engaging higher and earlier to shape business imperatives

Secure strategic partnerships and significant important opportunities with your most valued customers

Retain and grow your most important customers and enjoy their advocacy, success and increasing lifetime value