Power of Alliance and Partner Marketing

Working in partnership to unlock new opportunities in the channel.

Strategic Alliances and Partner Marketing

The world of enterprise B2B is evolving at a speed and scale never seen before. The globalisation of markets; demands for digital transformation; the war for talent; the exponential growth of data; sustainability commitments; and the constant threat of cybercrime, mean that organisations of every type and size, right across the globe are prioritising the strategic agenda that ensures that they continue to drive competitive advantage and assure their long-term future.

Technology investments and the purchase of IT products, services and discrete solutions are rarely the key focus here. Instead, customers are focused on outcomes – specifically the strategies and investments that will take their business forward.

These projects are often delivered by multiple vendors and service providers, working in collaboration. Major contracts are increasingly procured by multi-vendor ecosystems, managed by the client team or via a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) partner – effectively the lead supplier partner.

All this requires technology businesses to look beyond engaging at a transactional level to becoming strategically aligned commercially, and right across the customer engagement and buying journey.

This is where Gilroy fits in. With over 30 years’ experience of working with many industry-leading IT and telco businesses – from hardware vendors to SaaS businesses; from global systems integrators to hyperscalers, we have an unmatched deep and broad perspective of the tech and telco market.

Gilroy understands the trends, the priorities and the preferences that drive how large to very large private and public sector organisations plan, procure, manage and measure their major technology investments.

Creating a Joint Proposition for Strategic Partners

We help partners to align strategically and build their individual strengths into powerful joint propositions that resonate with, and motivate, customers.

We also have the skills and services, right across our agency to support them in engaging prospects and customers – from awareness to consideration, acquisition, deal pursuit, in-life advocacy and growth  – and, ultimately, contract renewal.

Modern building in the sunset

As a result of Gilroy’s track-record of working with world-leading brands, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and AWS; Computacenter, Fujitsu and Atos, few agencies can match the depth and breadth of Gilroy’s experience in partner and affiliate marketing in the technology and telco markets.

We are constantly investing in new platforms and martech, such as Smart Engine; the development and skills of our people; and new technologies, such as AI to ensure that we not only deliver the best services and delivery framework to our customers today, but that we will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Defining the Partner Approach

Content serves three primary purposes: to inform, educate & inspire the customer. A well-crafted content strategy orchestrates audience needs with purpose, substance and format at each stage of the customer journey.