B2B Media

B2B media is any form of media that is used to reach businesses and organisations, rather than individual consumers. This can include digital assets including website, blogs, social media and b2b platforms such as LinkedIn. In addition, partner and related industry platforms are considered here, including lead generation from content syndication, video content, such as webinars and online events and roundtables.

B2B media is used to reach a variety of audiences, including:

  • Business decision-makers: These are the people who have the authority to make purchasing decisions for their organisations. They are typically interested in information about products and services that can help their businesses improve their bottom line.
  • Industry professionals: These are people who work in a particular industry and are interested in staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments. They are also a good target audience for B2B media because they can influence the purchasing decisions of their employers.
  • Technical experts: These are people who have specialised knowledge in a particular field. They are a good target audience for B2B media because they can provide valuable insights and advice to businesses.

Gilroy create a dedicated media plan to show exactly what channels will effectively be used to reach your target audience and resonate your messages in a way that is conducive to action and follow up.

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