Smart Engine

Empower your B2B marketing campaign measurement and reporting intelligence with Smart Engine.

Seamless integration,
clear insights,
intelligent decisions

In today’s dynamic B2B landscape, sales and marketing teams grapple with the paradox of shrinking budgets and escalating growth demands. Smart Engine is bridging the gap between budget constraints and expansion needs.

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We recognise the urgency of demonstrating tangible results amidst marketing reporting inconsistencies. Outdated reporting methods, inconsistent data streams, and disparate data sources create confusion. The struggle to measure ABM and Deal Based Marketing effectiveness compounds the problem. Business-to-business enterprises find it challenging to align marketing efforts with revenue-driven metrics and prioritising their target accounts effectively.

Smart Engine revolutionises marketing reporting and actionable intelligence

By integrating ad platforms, analytics systems, CRM, and MAP into a singular “data clean room,” create a unified dashboard. This powerful tool tracks account engagement, content preferences, and intent signals, enabling precise account prioritisation and personalised content strategies.

Actionable Insights
Account Prioritisation
Content Strategy Optimisation
Sales Enablement
Integrated Campaigns

Single view of campaign performance

Our tailored, data-driven approach transforms marketing complexities into strategic advantages.

By integrating fragmented data into actionable insights, we empower your business to navigate the data maze confidently.

Discover the transformative power of Smart Engine. Gilroy’s data and analytics expertise coupled with this innovative solution ensures your marketing efforts are not just data-driven but growth-focused.