Generative AI

Strategic content creation and development powered by artificial intelligence.

Strategic content creation and generative AI

The digital marketing era has ushered in a new phase, where generative AI has become a tangible tool that is transforming the B2B marketing space. In the realm of content creation, AI's influence is palpable. From automated content generation to predictive analytics, AI is reshaping how businesses approach content creation.

Understanding your unique needs

Our journey begins with your business – understanding the aspirations, goals and the essence of a differentiated brand. Whether you aim to boost brand awareness, target a specific audience with a unique offering, or establish yourself as an industry thought leader, content must align with clear business objectives.

Guided by the Gilroy Content Principles

After aligning with your vision, our experienced team of content creators, strategists, and designers breathe life into your content, ensuring that it is engaging and aligned with your objectives.

Our creative process is shaped by Gilroy’s Content Principles:

What is the business trying to achieve?

Have we simplified the complex?

What is our differentiation point?

Can we articulate our story in a beautiful, concise way?

Harnessing the power of AI, amplified by human creativity

While we leverage the potent capabilities of generative AI to craft world-class content, we firmly believe it can’t supplant the human touch. Every piece of content we create is meticulously shaped by human creativity, to ensure a genuine and relatable connection with your audience.

Generative AI has obvious strengths in content marketing development – data analysis, interview transcriptions, and research. Gilroy is also using generative AI for content creation – particularly to create first drafts based on strong outlines and existing client strategy.

Our specialist content team always consider and refine what AI develops or generates to ensure that content is held to a high standard and is both relevant and strategically aligned to business objectives.