Gilroy Strategic Partnership with 6sense

Gilroy is proud to announce a tier one partnership with 6sense, the leader in helping B2B organizations create, manage, and convert pipeline to revenue. This collaboration is set to revolutionise how we serve our clients by integrating advanced predictive analytics and AI-driven insights into our marketing campaigns.

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Revolutionising B2B Marketing to Maximise Customer Success

The partnership is a testament to our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge B2B marketing technology to enhance our strategic offerings to clients. By incorporating 6sense's robust predictive modelling and comprehensive data analysis tools, Gilroy is now uniquely equipped to offer our clients unparalleled campaign insights and map target markets and accounts.

By integrating these capabilities into our services, Gilroy can now ensure that our clients' marketing campaigns are more strategic, targeted, and effective than ever before. This not only enhances campaign efficiency but also significantly boosts return on investment (ROI).

6sense + Gilroy specialise in helping companies identify potential opportunities at every stage of the buying journey, from unaware prospects to decision-ready leads in a full-funnel campaign environment.

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Campaign Activation

Gilroy are able to create highly customised marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs of each client powered by 6sense. Whether it's enhancing lead generation, improving conversion rates, or increasing visibility across key accounts, Gilroy is now better equipped to help our clients achieve their business goals with precision and efficiency.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Gilroy's partnership with 6sense reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the B2B marketing space. By combining our deep industry knowledge and creative strategies with 6sense's technological prowess, we are setting new standards in the realm of ABX.

As we move forward with this exciting new partnership, our focus remains on delivering exceptional value to our clients. We are dedicated to exploring all avenues of growth and innovation to ensure that our clients not only keep up with the pace of change but stay well ahead of it.

"As a trusted Tier One partner, Gilroy is recognized for excellence in their field. They share 6sense's vision for utilizing AI to generate revenue more effectively and we're looking forward to helping even more companies unlock growth."

Jo Wright, Director of Partnerships at 6sense

Looking Ahead

This strategic partnership marks the beginning of a new chapter for Gilroy. We are excited about the possibilities this 6sense partnership can deliver for our clients, as we seek to enhance our capabilities in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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