Gilroy Partnership with RollWorks

Gilroy are thrilled to announce a unique partnership with RollWorks, leading Account Based Marketing Execution Platform. Whether you're starting out or scaling up, our partnership with RollWorks helps you confidently grow revenue by focusing on the right accounts at the right time.

Drive Revenue with Intelligence and Cross-Channel Engagement

RollWorks is renowned for its precision in account-based marketing, offering tools and insights that allow companies to target key accounts with unrivalled accuracy. Their expertise in identifying and engaging specific audiences complements Gilroy's holistic approach to B2B marketing and ABX, making them an ideal partner for this venture.

The partnership between Gilroy and RollWorks leverages the strengths of both organizations to offer clients an enhanced suite of marketing tools and strategies. By combining Gilroy's creative communication tactics with RollWorks' advanced targeting technologies, clients can expect a seamless integration of services that will elevate their marketing efforts to new heights through:

  • Enhanced Targeting Precision: RollWorks sophisticated targeting algorithms, clients can reach decision-makers more effectively, increasing the impact of their marketing campaigns.
  • Integrated Campaigns: The collaboration ensures that clients' campaigns are harmonized across multiple platforms, delivering consistent messages that resonate with target audiences.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Clients will benefit from deeper insights into customer behaviours and preferences, enabling them to tailor their strategies more effectively.

This partnership is more than a simple collaboration; it's a forward-thinking move designed to anticipate and respond to the evolving needs of the B2B market. Gilroy and RollWorks are committed to continuous innovation and improvement, ensuring that our clients always stay ahead of the curve.

A Commitment to Excellence

At Gilroy, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering the highest quality of service and innovative solutions with our partners. This strategic partnership with RollWorks is a testament to our dedication to enhancing our offerings and driving success for our clients.

Together, we are setting new standards in the B2B marketing and ABX.

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