Nobody is listening to what you have to say

You’ve got a brilliant set of products, an enviable stack of marketing technologies (MarTech), and the best team of marketers working for you and yet despite all of this, your marketing communications simply aren’t working.

It’s not for want of trying – marketing is becoming harder. A 2023 report from the DMA has shown that short-term performance marketing effectiveness has fallen 62% over the past two years. Something’s going wrong.

There are some unique challenges B2B brands face, which can be distilled into three areas:

  1. Being everything to someone, then nothing to everyone
    Unlike B2C, B2B brands only need to market to a finite group of targets because their total addressable marketing is limited by how niche their product is, and how many other companies it’s relevant to. With the advent of ABM we can use technology and data such as intent, to identify not only the accounts who will likely buy you at some point, but also those accounts who are ready to buy today. Not only does this reduce the time wasted targeting the wrong people, but it also drives up return on marketing investment (ROMI).
  2. Becoming fluent in every type of role, not just the technical ones
    Buying units are becoming bigger and more diverse in types of roles that are influencing the buying decision, meaning a one-message-fits-all solution that historically has often focused on a more technical audience, isn’t viable for those who work in other disciplines within an organisation. Again, an account-based approach to communications enables B2B brands to identify the different stakeholders across the entire buying journey, and tailor messaging, content, and calls to action to their individual needs.
  3. Getting technology to work for you, not against you
    Investment in MarTech continues to grow, along with the pool of providers, which at last count was more than 10,000. Investment in these platforms is often significant and then the pressure is on for them to demonstrate ROI – but it’s never that simple. Rarely do marketing platforms work out of the box, nor in isolation. And never do they simply run in the background with little to no user intervention. An investment in a platform is just the beginning. They need integrating, resourcing, and ongoing management – each an investment of time and cost.

What’s the solution? One way is to try to use existing methods and partners to try and get everything working as it should – but this can yield unexpected or disappointing results where disparate groups of people who are unfamiliar with one another try to work together. It also takes up a lot of time.

Thankfully there’s another way. One that doesn’t simply get to a good outcome, it gets to a glorious one. The solution is an entirely new kind of agency, designed from the ground up to tackle these challenging market conditions.

An agency that comes with over four-decades of experience doing some of the best B2B marketing the industry has ever seen, organised to deliver an integrated approach never-before-seen. An approach that focuses on delivering Connected Marketing Experiences that join-up brand, campaigns, content, technology, data, and creativity to help B2B organisations unlock their true potential by reaching the accounts that matter and deliver exceptional results.

We believe this approach makes the difference between good and great, or as we like to call it, glorious marketing. It’s why it’s become not only our tagline, but a philosophy that sits at the heart of the agency. Speak to any Gilroy employee and ask them what their ambition is for the work they do, and you’ll rarely get any other answer than ‘to Be Glorious’.

About Gilroy:

With a heritage spanning 40 years, Gilroy is a leading enterprise B2B integrated agency and the pioneer of Account-Based Everything. Through connected marketing experiences, we support many of the world’s leading B2B brands in nurturing customer advocacy, growing account expansion and supercharging sales performance.

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