Gilroy. The Brand and Demand Agency.

Gilroy is the physical and spiritual home of great B2B marketing communications.

It’s our aim to improve your business through the latest thinking and techniques – something we’ve been doing for 30 years. By investing in the brightest minds and furnishing them with the latest tools, we can provide our clients with a combination of traditional and the latest digital marketing services. Backed up with a level of honesty you only normally see at home, our campaigns stand out and provide high ROI.



Welcome to the Gilroy home of great B2B marketing communications. We’ve designed the site to provide you with a simple and fun way to find out about us. If it’s your first time why not click the hints text at the base of the site to highlight all the key areas. Through a simple mouse click you can: read our blog, see what campaigns were working on, meet the family, change the wall paper or even listen to our music.

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