Using your colleagues, and other cheap tactics

The Selfie Revolution lasted a lot longer than most of the recent ‘revolutions’ the media have been breathless about. It’s now accepted practice. And there’s no age limit. We all do it. It’s not about being a poseur…unless you’re me.

Very, very few of my selfies make it into the public domain, because there’s no angle that works well for a man with a receding hairline and expanding chin. Also, when I hear myself speak on video, I’m convinced there’s been a comedy voice filter added.

And revolution it is – you know it has reached a zeitgeist of our times when the Telegraph quotes 12 people dying in 2015 as a result of the selfie.

But what does a selfie have to do with marketing and communications? Potentially, quite a lot.

Ever wanted to bring the full, highly skilled force of your organisation to bear on a pitch but felt that wheeling in 18 separate heads of different departments might be a bit much? Then use a selfie video. We do, all the time for our customers – given the quality of consumer equipment (mobile phones, laptops, camcorders) there’s no need to always invest in studio based footage. Professionally created pieces to camera still have their place, but so does agile content like the selfie.

And agile is a key word. Done well, agile content such as this is created quickly but effectively, and that comes across to the target audience. It can add a level of authenticity that can be achieved by a well-lit studio.

I’ll say it again, people buy from other people. Always have, always will. The selfie is a great way of bringing actual people into any sales environment where previously it would have been difficult.

Take Account Based Marketing initiatives. As I have already posted, ABM is about communicating to a market of one – a brand, or a set of people within a brand that you want to influence. The key is to demonstrate an understanding of, and empathy with, the individual needs of the target audience. What better way to do that if you can’t actually be in the room, than to digitally be in the room with video?

But here’s the trick. The best selfie content isn’t true selfie content, because it has been thought through, scripted to a point, and staged so that it doesn’t contain a full view of the insides of your nostrils.

There are a number of factors you have to consider to get it right and, as you would expect, we can help you with that. If you’d like to know about the different ways of creating and leveraging agile content like this for a better return, then get in touch.

It’s still cheaper than hiring Michael Winner.

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