Smart ABM programme

Customer need

Orange Business Services, the global enterprise division of the Orange Group, wanted to cut through the crude product-centric selling of its competitors to reach enterprises who know they need to accelerate their digital transformations, but hesitate for fear of complexity and disruption. OBS has a powerful message: They provide meaningful advice, guidance and support to deliver not just peace of mind, but value, cost-savings, and the DX a customer desires.

Gilroy approach

Getting that powerful message to the right people was the challenge OBS gave us. Our solution was a carefully targeted, end-to-end Smart ABM programme. In partnership with Cyance, we worked closely with the Orange sales teams to create tailored ‘opportunity stories’ (based on deep market research) and target them at individual customers. Cyance’s Engage module meant we could get key messages onto the specific devices prospective customers were using.

It’s a sophisticated way of identifying potential customers and then creating more compelling bids. And it works with both new and existing customers. It meant that the OBS marketing and sales teams could work in close collaboration supported by the highly targeted intelligence Gilroy and Cyance were able to focus on working towards Orange’s specific goals.

Outcome delivered

The timely delivery of informative and inspirational stories meant that OBS were able to get ahead of buying cycles and official RFP/tender processes, ensuring that decision-makers understood the power and extent of OBS’s offering. The highly targeted and intelligent strategy, based on in-market intent, achieved a 4x boost in engagement and achieved a €600m in accounts won as a direct result of sales and marketing teams working together.*