Be the change

These days, the only certainty is change. Disrupted global markets are driving the pace and scale of change. New market entrants, and evolving technologies and trends, mean that organisations of every shape and size, across every market, are constantly having to adapt and evolve their organisation and shape the behaviours of their people to continue meeting the ever-changing preferences and priorities of their customers.

Driving adoption:

Digital transformation, RPA and AI are key strategies adopted by many to achieve growth, efficiency and competitive advantage. Far from removing people from the equation, the success of these initiatives typically relies on users adapting their workstyles and adopting new systems and devices – making great communication absolutely key to a successful outcome.

Achieving cultural shift:

It’s a fact; people don’t typically adapt well to change. And, whether you are looking to evolve your business model, effect better brand engagement or launch a new way of working, change happens best from the inside out. You must turn your stakeholders from sceptics to adopters to advocates – maybe even evangelists. Through a balance of context, information and inspiration, we’ll help you to on-board your customers, your partners and your people and make them champions of change.

Future visioning, mapping and change acceleration:

No one truly knows what the future holds but, these days, it’s essential that your business has a vision of the future and a plan to deliver this. Through facilitated sessions at your place, or in our purpose built Challenger Lab, we’ll lead you into a world of what if, when and why, ensuring that you plan deploy and deliver change decisively, and at pace.

Innovation programmes:

We have strategically planned and operated national and global innovation programmes for clients ranging from a leading UK retailer to one of the world’s leading telcos. Ideating, co-creating and innovating together is absolutely key to achieving enduring relationships with your customers, and to remaining agile and adaptable as a business.


Increasingly, transition is becoming a core requirement of the major bids and deals that we help our clients to win. Their own customers recognise that the value they get from investment in major projects is increased and accelerated with a managed process of transition. From working with them to plan the key stages of deployment, and understanding the ask of people at each critical point, we can apply our communications skills to informing and motivating people, whilst delivering broad change in narrow, manageable phases.

Some of the processes, products and tools we use:

  • Innovation and co-creation workshops
  • Employee engagement initiatives
  • Customer advocacy programmes


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