It’s time to jump on the brand wagon

Increasingly these days, for a customer to engage with you they must first recognise your brand and feel positive about your business. Kevin Sleap explains more…


Today’s dynamic global economy is defined by trends, hype and disruption.


With change being the only certainty these days, I’d argue that the most defined and constant element of your business should be your brand. But let’s be clear here: By brand, I don’t mean your logo, colour pallet or image style. These are all elements of your corporate identity – a part of brand, but not the whole story.

I’m talking about brand belief. What your customers, partners and people believe about your business. How they view you. How much they trust you. What they say about you when you’re not in the room.Your brand is formed of your capabilities, your values and your relevance to stakeholders. Effectively what you do; why you do what you do; and why anyone should care. It is borne of your past and leads your future.

These days for a customer to clock one of your social posts; download your latest opinion piece; or spend time on your website increasingly relies on them recognising your brand, and feeling positive about your business. This perception is easily as important as the relevance of the products, services and solutions you’re looking to sell. With customer loyalty and attention spans at an all time low, and the rise of more prohibitive legislation, such as GDPR, those of us aiming to become better connected to our customers and the world beyond must sit up and pay attention to your brand.

But don’t forget your own people. They are the voice of your business. If they truly understand your brand, and live your values, they will grow from sceptics to adopters, to advocates, to evangelists. For anyone left wondering how to kick this off, Gilroy’s 4-point messaging methodology and brand development framework, wrapped into a session in our Challenger Lab, would be a great place to start. And remember, it’s not all bad news. With change comes opportunity, so build beliefs, spread the word and grow your reputation. Tell the world who you are and why they should be proud to stand alongside you.


Author: Kevin Sleap, Senior Partner