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In an increasingly fast-paced working environment, opinions can be formed in seconds. And held for years.

If you’re lucky that opinion could be fantastic – hey, well done. Although it does mean you have everything to lose if you make a mistake in how you communicate (sorry about that).

On the plus side, if that opinion is less than favourable, you now have a multitude of ways to improve it, really quickly.

In the past, brands went to market with ‘buckets’ of conversations delivered across multiple routes; direct mail, advertising, PR etc. Unfortunately these ‘buckets’ often didn’t pull from the same well so messaging was at best, diluted. Different internal teams, different agencies, different campaign themes – these all serve to deliver a confused and sometimes contradictory message to market.

How confident can you be that the right messages are reaching the right people? Add to that the increasing complexity of customer journeys and how much information decisions makers will consume about you, before they have even begun to engage. Indeed, depending on what they read online, they may not engage with you at all.

Now you have to factor in the immediacy of communication, brought about through ongoing technological advances. Do you sometimes feel that ‘now’ has become the new yesterday? Are you responding quickly enough to market opportunities as and when they arrive, because the best of your competitors will be.

So how does all of that tie into the traditional 12 month communications plan? Well, clearly it doesn’t. You can’t plan your communications like that anymore if you want to stay competitive.

At Gilroy we’ve been leading the revolution in changing the way that global corporates communicate with those who have an impact on their business, in real-time.

Gilroy are a results-driven communications consultancy that work with enterprise organisations to effectively communicate with those people that will ultimately determine their success. So if your reputation and presence are important to you, talk to us about how we can help you communicate more effectively and to have better conversations with customers and prospects – improving your marketing efficiency and bottom line profitability.

It definitely won’t be a waste of your time.

To contact us, email or take a look at our new website for more information:

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