Gilroy: A Day in the Life

As a student, I’m not used to the daily morning struggles of a ‘9-5er’.

Being woken up by an early alarm, followed by joining a queue of rush hour traffic and getting lost on my travels, wasn’t exactly the best start to the day. However, when I finally arrived at the Gilroy office, flustered and slightly stressed with only a minute to spare, I was warmly welcomed by a sea of smiling faces. I was initially quite nervous as I expected to walk into a formal office environment, be overwhelmed with complicated business jargon and surrounded by people a lot older than I am. Instead, I instantly relaxed into the informal and friendly vibe as I was kindly introduced to the team by Mischa, who to my surprise, was a similar age to myself.

I was presented with a well-planned and organised agenda for the day, which allowed me to discuss each team member’s job roles with them individually. I was delighted that they had taken the time to create such a well-thought out agenda, as exploring the different roles involved in a communications agency was exactly what I had hoped to do.

Although I knew that this industry was always an area of interest for me, I entered this experience as a complete ‘newbie’ to the marketing and communications sphere. I learnt that the different roles within the agency vary quite vastly and that ‘people skills’ are hugely important when working within this realm. Stacey’s role as Marketing Manager interested me the most as being a Sociology student, I am thoroughly interested in what drives people’s behaviours.

My overall impression of Gilroy was a really positive, friendly team with a passion for what they do, their clients, and for each other. They really care about achieving the best for their clients and they seem to have all bases covered – from great creative through to incredible organisation and strategy.

This experience has left me feeling positive and a lot more informed about the industry. I would strongly recommend trying to snap up ‘A day at Gilroy’ for anyone with an interest in learning more about B2B communications.

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