The right research delivers insights that drive action

Research is key to any form of sales and marketing, especially when it’s meant to be highly targeted. And research that’s rigorously organised and clearly delineated matches content with people – from individuals to groups – to underpin a campaign that’s both strategically sound and successful. We have the tools and the rigor.

From intent to action

Our access to a wide variety of data platforms and data matching technologies means that we can bring together a range of signals from your target accounts and aggregate the data into a sharper picture of not just what’s happening out there, but where the intent signals are pointing. We find out what they’re looking for and focus your marketing on ensuring they find it – from you.

Really intelligent sales

Constant research helps to inform your sales and account teams as they spark new conversations to open new opportunities. Conversations are no longer speculative – they’re based on real numbers that are refreshed continuously, which means your teams are cleverly informed and individually nuanced.

All the tools in the intelligent toolbox

A judicious combination of technology, data, and research means that you get all the tools you need to make the best marketing decisions.

We create Account Dossiers which match specific behavioral data to business objectives so you can understand how your target audience acts when they encounter specific messages or insights.

Our Decision-Making Unit maps the thinking and options you need to consider so that you make the right decisions based on what your target audience is doing. The maps then enable you to decide who needs to engage with whom at each stage.

Cluster Research Reports highlight synergies between your solutions and specific areas of demand in each sector. Add Competitor Analysis to factor in what your peers are doing, how you compare (are you ahead or behind them?) and that provides a clearer picture of the real world which you can relate that back to what your potential customers are thinking through Intent Monitoring.

It all drives decisions and actions that send out messages with the right content, tone, and placement. Ultimately, it’s all about building a well-informed Go-to-Market Strategy every time.

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