Creating truly meaningful experiences – the rise of 360° video

The ‘Rule of Seven’ is an old marketing adage, which states that a prospect needs to see a marketing message at least seven times before they consider taking action. In the B2B sector it can be even higher as decision makers are constantly bombarded with messages from vendors, peers, the media and social media channels.

Increasingly, brands are looking to video and new immersive technologies to not just capture the attention of audiences, but to ensure key messages are remembered, driving superior results for campaigns.

Brands as diverse as Sony and The National Geographic are turning to 360° video to create more memorable interactions with their audiences.

So what is it?

360° video enables viewers to take control of the camera and explore a brands video. This enables viewers to take part in unforgettable experiences such as: swimming with sharks; taking part in a horror movie; stepping over the edge of a waterfall; or just attending an industry trade show they couldn’t make. The payback for brands is that this type of immersive experience holds the attention better than traditional video, providing brands with more time to communicate key messages and the means to bring products or services to life.

The options are vast. During the Olympics, Samsung released a 360° video which enabled viewers to take advantage of the latest Samsung technology to explore Team GB’s HQ. Cadbury adopted 360° video to attract a new generation of millennial customers. The ‘Memory Lane’ campaign encouraged consumers to upload memorable photos, which were then developed into an immersive 360° video to share via a range of social media channels. Sony launched its horror movie ‘Don’t Breathe’ to the world via a chilling 360° video on Snapchat, while Accenture used the technology to explain the future of compliance risk management.

One thing’s for sure, global brands are embracing 360° video for a range of reasons. The technology has also secured support across YouTube, iOS and Android platforms meaning that there are now many exciting avenues for B2B brands to create lasting experiences with decision makers. My advice is to sit back in your director’s chair and rather than concentrating on the rule of seven, instead look to create a memorable Oscar-winning experience your customers and prospects will never forget.

Here are a couple of our favourite 360° videos:

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