It’s time to jump on the brand wagon

Increasingly these days, for a customer to engage with you they must first recognise your brand and feel positive about your business. Kevin Sleap explains more…   Today’s dynamic global economy is defined by trends, hype and disruption.   With change being the only certainty these days, I’d argue that the most defined and constant […]

Millennials 2: We should care, just about different things

“You’re lazy, over-entitled and expect far too much from life.” The opening line from Stacey Honnor’s blog last week pretty much sums up the view I had of Millennials. Don’t get me wrong, much of our team are Millennials, and my view of them is utterly different from the above, but sometimes it’s hard to […]

B2B content – you’re STILL boring me

I feel like banging my head against the wall. The subject of boring B2B content is not a new one, but it’s still happening. So let’s go through it again…! I don’t care that your latest software has new built in features, or that you’ve written a long article about it. It’s not engaging, it’s […]

B2B: We’re emotional

We know from our customers that delivering a high quality product or service is no longer enough. To retain customers you need to add even greater value. To do this and do it well, businesses need to find out what REALLY matters to their business customers. And it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. I […]

Don’t waste my time

In an increasingly fast-paced working environment, opinions can be formed in seconds. And held for years. If you’re lucky that opinion could be fantastic – hey, well done. Although it does mean you have everything to lose if you make a mistake in how you communicate (sorry about that). On the plus side, if that […]