It’s time to jump on the brand wagon

Increasingly these days, for a customer to engage with you they must first recognise your brand and feel positive about your business. Kevin Sleap explains more…   Today’s dynamic global economy is defined by trends, hype and disruption.   With change being the only certainty these days, I’d argue that the most defined and constant […]

Consistency is Key

Consistency; I‘m not talking about the type of coffee Tony (my colleague) makes me on a daily basis - the colour and consistency of tar! Nor do I mean my sandwich that’s been left in the car for two days that now has the consistency of cardboard… I’m not a huge fan of sayings or [...]

Great Expectations

We have always been told the customer is always right. Of course they are, aren’t they? They’re paying for a service after all. But I begin to question if this is always the case? The phrase “The customer is always right” was originally coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge, of Selfridge’s way back in 1909. The […]

The Impact of Design

Show. Don’t tell Studies show that ‘our brains not only process visuals faster, but they retain and transmit much more information when it’s delivered visually’. In a digital era, saturated with feeds of colourful content, all striving to strike the eye of the prospect, it’s harder than ever to leave a lasting impression; whether it’s […]

Bridging the resource gap…

…and driving a connected customer journey Having the information and resource to reach and influence your customers is harder than ever. They are likely to use a range of research tools to form opinions before you even know they are interested. Potential customers can move across a range of social and traditional media, where they […]

Great minds think alike

And there lies the challenge. Great thinkers all generally have a ‘heritage’. Most have worked at great places, had similar thought processes or been conditioned in the same way regarding how to think or effectively complete tasks. Well it’s all changed, the Internet has thrown a spanner in the works. Thought processes now have to […]