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“You what?” I said to myself (and yes, I do talk to myself)! According to Gallup, 71% of your customers are ready and willing to take their business elsewhere. Can your customer interactions be that bad that more than two-thirds are ready to leave you? I know that loyalty is diminishing, but I think we can up our game a little here.

And in the words of the mighty Jimmy Cricket…”there’s more”. You might be in danger of losing a lot of customers, but as it turns out, a good reason is that they don’t see you as a trusted advisor. Let’s be honest, this isn’t satisfactory.

From transactional to strategic…and back again.

It’s no wonder then, that more buyers are self-serving themselves with information to be able to inform their buying decisions on their own. Without you. There’s all sorts of stats that say the customer is a long way down the decision making process before they will engage with you – personally I believe or trust very few of these stats at an enterprise level, but if enough people keep saying it, eventually it will become true.

So in short, your customers are acting in a much more transactional fashion, whilst you are trying to become more strategic with them.

Becoming Customer centric

You’re not alone, many companies are now finding that their products, services, distribution networks and data assets are all rapidly becoming commodities. So how can you adjust to this trend?

Addressing this trend requires a truly customer centric approach to how you communicate. As such, many of our clients are looking to form closer relationships with customers, to better understand their challenges and to see the market from their perspective – allowing stronger connections to be developed.

Ultimately, your ability to understand, empathise with, and react to your customers’ personal needs is key. From this understanding you can draw out content that is genuinely useful and effective, which can and should be deployed using highly personalised techniques that add additional value in their own right.

How we do it

At Gilroy, we take a considered approach to this, working through a logical process: Identify, Connect & Grow, Engage, Add Value, Close. Each of these stages is underpinned by a number of techniques that are designed to create cut through at an individual level.

The outcome? I haven’t heard any of our customers complain that the majority of their customers are leaving them (boo hoo).

To find out more, download the document that outlines our approach in a little more detail:



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