B2B: We’re emotional

We know from our customers that delivering a high quality product or service is no longer enough. To retain customers you need to add even greater value. To do this and do it well, businesses need to find out what REALLY matters to their business customers. And it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

I believe it’s all about triggering emotions. Let’s face it, businesses do it every day in your personal life, for example:

John Lewis – the reassurance and trust gained from a partner’s product knowledge
Ikea – the inspiration you get when walking through their showrooms
Your local coffee shop – the affection of the owner knowing your name
Hairdresser – the stress relieving massage during your hair wash
First Direct – the euphoria of someone picking up the phone quickly

It can be the smallest gesture, but a brand triggering the right emotion in relation to a particular scenario can be the difference between a single purchase and a lifetime of loyalty. It’s no different for B2B. If anything – it’s even more important because the risk is that much greater.

Often the biggest challenge your customers face is working with people to make big decisions. This leaves B2B suppliers with a great opportunity to:

  • Ease stress
  • Make them laugh during a busy day
  • Save them time, enabling them to go home to their families
  • Increase confidence when pitching to the big boss

But you don’t need to rely on the psychic ability of your employees to know what emotions to trigger; this added value can be planned and designed.

At Gilroy we facilitate workshops with our clients, working together to unearth how their customers think and feel. From there we design a programme to improve your customer experience. The outcome can be a variety of tactics including thought leadership, executive partnership programmes and social selling.

To find out more about Gilroy and our services, please visit our new website www.gilroy.co.uk or email us at hello@gilroy.co.uk – we would love to hear from you!

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