Become Customer Obsessed

Is the customer always right? “You what?” I said to myself (and yes, I do talk to myself)! According to Gallup, 71% of your customers are ready and willing to take their business elsewhere. Can your customer interactions be that bad that more than two-thirds are ready to leave you? I know that loyalty is [...]

Using your colleagues, and other cheap tactics

The Selfie Revolution lasted a lot longer than most of the recent ‘revolutions’ the media have been breathless about. It’s now accepted practice. And there’s no age limit. We all do it. It’s not about being a poseur…unless you’re me. Very, very few of my selfies make it into the public domain, because there’s no […]

5 Top Tactics for Bid Differentiation

Bidding for contracts means more stakeholders; smaller values and a greater number of different competitors than ever before. The upshot is that more and more companies are finding it hard to truly stand out within the context of a bid. So how can you differentiate to win? Download the 5 Top Tactics for Bid Differentiation Guide by completing the [...]

Millennials Part 2: Of course we should care, just about different things.

“You’re lazy, over-entitled and expect far too much from life.” The opening line from Stacey Honnor’s blog last week pretty much sums up the view I had of Millennials. Don’t get me wrong, much of our team are Millennials, and my view of them is utterly different from the above, but sometimes it’s hard to […]

Get to the point! Surviving the content overload

Put an end to content overload and get your message heard How many times have you heard the phrase ‘less is more’? There’s a reason why we use it so often in conversations with our corporate clients: we’re living in a world of content overload. And the more content there is out there, the less […]

A Social Selling Guide

A Social Selling Guide Social Selling is growing in popularity. In the last year alone, searches for the term rose by 67%. So what is it? How easy is it? Can it actually help secure business? To answer these questions and to clear up some misconceptions, we created a guide. The guide offers advice whatever [...]